KATT GmbH signed an agreement with Team Oil Tools and received exclusive rights for representing the company in European and CIS markets. Team Oil Tools develops and manufactures up to date completion equipment providing solutions to specific customer problems with a range of innovative and unique products, both standard and fit for purpose.

Team Oil Tools specializes on manufacturing of wide range of downhole tools such as:

Production Packers:

  • Permanent Seal Bore Packers
  • Retrievable Seal Bore Packers
  • Tension Set Retrievable Packers
  • Compression Set Retrievable Packers
  • Retrievable Dual Packers

Completion Service Tools:

  • Squeeze Packers
  • Cement Retainers
  • Squeeze Manifolds
  • Retrievable Bridge Plugs
  • Drillable Bridge Plugs
  • Selective Treating
  • Setting Tools

Accessories for completion and service tools:

  • On/Off Tools
  • Safety Joints
  • Packer Tubing Accessories

One of the latest developments of the company is T-Frac Systemtm which allows performing multi stage fracturing treatment for achieving maximum production. T-Frac Systemtm can be used in gas, oil or water wells. It can be run in either open or cased hole completions and is suitable for application in vertical, high angle and horizontal wells. All components of the System were specially designed to work in a cement environment and offer a reliable exit for the hydraulic frac.

Shale gas development became very popular and important source of natural gas in the United States of America and Canada. It is also popular in Europe now and many European countries are working on different projects in this area. T-Fractm System perfectly matches the applications for shale gas fields development and production.

The company is constantly working on improving the tools and systems.

You can find more detailed information on completion equipment in the catalogs on the Website.