"Establish positive long term customer relations" is our philosophy.

Since its foundation in 1989 the company has been striving to establish positive long term customer relations.

Our guidelines for achieving this objective are:

  • Honesty and responsibility in dealings with the customer
  • Immediate and flexible response to customer needs
  • Evaluation of economical, innovative solutions to customers problems
  • Consistent and long term support of customer projects
  • Applying the latest advances in technology, products and services
  • Absolute reliability in the handling of customer property

KATT GmbH is the mother company of the group, which has three distinct business offerings.

The Sales of oilfield related products, direct associated with KATT GmbH, located in Celle, Germany.

The manufacturing of Upstream Oilfield Equipment and subsidiary GOES GmbH located in Wesendorf, Germany.

And the subsidiaries for Upstream Oilfield Services Tacrom Services S.R.L. and Tacrom Drilling S.R.L., located in Ploiesti Romania.