We are an official COIL SOLUTIONS Distributor for the European Market. 
We offer (critical) parts from our stock in Celle – Germany.
All GOES Coiled Tubing Units are equipped with Coil Solutions Injector as a standard package to offer our clients a reliable, lightweight unit.  

Coiled Tubing Injectors

Coil Solutions is on the leading edge of change in the deep hole injector market. We can provide a full range of injectors, from 60k to 160k models.  
They are designing a reliable Coil Tubing Injector system for deep wells and high snubbing forces. Their patented skate system increases tubing grip, without damaging tubing.
Coil Solution injector design is fully serviceable on the well. 
Read more on COIL SOLUTIONS website.
Coil Solutions Distributor
Injectors Coil Solutions
Injectors Coil Solutions

Why Coil Solutions Injectors?

Coil Solutions Injectors are Lightweight and powerful! Their ratio between weight versus pull force, is an excelent one, perfect for the coiled tubing grip that our clients request.
These injectors are reliable and we have used them on our Coiled Tubing Units for a long period, without having any problems, in the toughest conditions.

Injector Arch/Gooseneck

The Coil Solutions Injector Arch (Gooseneck) design allows for profile rollers to be used on all coil sizes up to 3.5″ OD (60″ & 72″ Arches excluded). 
This feature will help to significantly reduce the amount of fatigue on coil versus “v” rollers.
Read more on COIL SOLUTIONS website.
Injector Arches Coil Solutions
Injector Arches Coil Solutions

Coiled Tubing Unit - Trailer mounted - manufactured by GOES

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